A Year of Making 2018

ONE YEAR RESIDENCY – DEADLINE FOR ‘Expressions of interest’ Nov 17th 

A place to take risks – trial work – deepen your questioning – where the only competition lies within your own struggle to find and make the work you want to make.

Facilitated by experienced choreographer, performance maker, mentor and ‘Relational Dynamics 1st’ coach Caroline Salem, other artists will support your process through listening, witnessing, and communicating their experience and asking questions.

This residency is ideal for artists/ companies/ collectives working within and across disciplines including dance, performance, theatre, circus, music and poetry, who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their own process and practice within a mutually supportive context. Both emerging and established artists/companies are welcome to apply. Feel free to call or email Caroline for a chat and/ or to set up a visit anytime 07871190500 / 40cm@gmail.com.

RESIDENCY DETAILS: Each artist/company (Maximum of 10 places) will work from January 2018 – December 2018 / Jan 2019 and receives:

  • 150 individual studio hours; pre-booked in blocks of 12 weeks
  • 11 meetings; facilitated by Caroline, you will take control of your moment in the meeting (up to 40mins) to draw in others to respond, questions, explore, dialogue with you/your work. Monthly (not August) on Sundays.
  • 6 bi-monthly, 1 hour one-one sessions with Caroline
  • 2 x June/July  weekend work-in-progress events – studio presentations to small invited audiences
  • Sole use of studio 10am-10pm to prep and present at the end of the residency to you invited audience.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION: £1,650 Payments can be made in installments of £137.50 per month. Don’t let this contribution put you off – there are various options; a place with reduced studio & mentoring time, work exchange and we hope to be able to offer a 25% bursary for applicants under 25years.  See also http://www.jerwoodcharitablefoundation.org/projects/performing-arts-micro-bursaries/

Full cost pricing for all elements would be £4162.50. Artists/Companies applying for funding during their residency year are advised to include this information in their application to show support in kind.

SUBMIT YOUR ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST’ NOW:  Please send a CV/company profile with information about your work to date with a Creative Statement explaining your plans for the year explaining why you consider this to be the right context for you to develop your work. – consider the role of meetings, creative support and work-in-progress presentations. This can be brief as Caroline will meet and talk with all applicants. Your submission begins a process of meetings/ dialogue through which you’ll find out more about the programme and if it suits you/ your company/ collective.  The aim is for  final decisions regarding participation to be made  by mid December.

Deadline : End of day 17th November – BUT please send applications anytime so that we can  invite you to the studio and start a conversation asap.

Invitations: 20 November – Dec 2nd for meetings with Caroline.

Gathering with other shortlisted artists/companies: Dec 7th/8th/ 9th  TBC

Final decision: December 11th

Karl Fagerlund & Julie Schmidt Andreasen 2015.

Performer / Makers Kar; Fagerlund and Julie Schmidt Andereasen

Space Image


Q. How are the artists/ companies/collectives ‘selected’ for the this programme
A. The ‘selection’ process is a dialogue that aims to get to know the desires, needs and values of each artist/ company/ collective and identify if these can be supported by the specifics of this programme. The programme prioritises those who are pushing individual / company creative boundaries and who value dialogue and mutual support between fellow artists within their making process. So ‘selection’ is not based upon a judgement of your work to date. This also enables the programme to be open to artists/ companies at all stages in their development.

Q. We are a collaborative team of 3 performers/ makers with no pre defined project but simply a desire to research together can we apply?
A. Yes – the structure provides an excellent way of consolidating and committing collaborative partnerships, you will also find it more affordable as you can share monthly fee . Also as Caroline is offering bi-monthly mentoring sessions for each artist/ group on this could be a useful outsider eye / catalyst/ consolidator/ provocateur….

Q. Are the dates of the meetings fixed?
A. We are proposing that the meetings will be the last Sunday of each month but in the process of confirming participants the exact dates will be decided upon.

Q. Do I have to attend all meetings
A. The commitment to attended all meetings is important in order to create a mutually supportive group. In reality over the last few years some of the participants were unable to make one out of the 11 meetings

Q. How do I schedule my studio sessions?
A. You can book your studio sessions in whatever way suits your needs.
The studio is available from 8am-10pm, Monday –Sunday. A schedule must be booked in advance every 12 weeks. This means that if in one block of 12 weeks you need 70 hrs and in another you need just 12 that is OK. For example if you are aiming for Edinburgh in August you could use the majority for your 150 hrs before this but by paying monthly instalments this could help your cash flow.

Q. Will I know who the other artists are before making my final decision?
A. Yes – you will be invited to meet individually with Caroline, and then as a group, before you decide.

Q. Can I apply for external funding?
A. As Space@Clarence Mews is offering a supported rate (for this package of studio hours/ mentoring/ meeting and studio performances) we can provide details of the full cost which you can include in any funding application.

Q. How can I pay?
A. You can pay in instalments that suit you – quarterly or monthly.

Q. How many companies or artists are part of the residency ?
A. There will be between 7 and 10, depending upon the nature of the work and needs of participants.

Previous participants have said:

“I felt independent, supported, I grew artistically, I learnt to question my practice and I improved my ability to look and speak about other people’s work.”

“Caroline does not suggest solutions but made me question my work, practice and aims.”

“I learnt how to manage my rehearsal time, how to be efficient in the studio. I had the chance to discover other artist’s practice, to give value to everyone’s work and learnt to accept moments of down and lost focus.”

“All the meetings and sharing throughout the year forced me to evaluate my process, progress, change of focus and interests.”

“the fact that it is not attached to a specific outcome makes it a residency with a difference. Very few such programmes allow the artists to move between ideas and explore process the way this does and that’s very important in an industry where there is constantly the pressure to produce a finished thing”

“Clarence Mews has been my creative home in London for the last 10 years. At times I was there to work on a specific project, other times I just needed time to think and physicalise thoughts. This last year I joined the residency scheme mainly to have access to space for my own ramblings and research either just before or during projects. Caroline’s mentoring has been particularly helpful during this time. Reflecting back my own thoughts, drawing out the ideas when at times they seemed all tangled in my head. Caroline is an extremely skilled artistic mentor. She places the artist at the centre of each session, teasing out ideas, identifying the sticky areas and facilitating your own thinking and articulations of your artistic practice. Having access to Caroline’s mentoring is the focal point of this residency. Space is something you can pay for anywhere, it’s the access to sharing and mentoring that makes this an invaluable resource for artists”.


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