10 week programme


a place to take risks – trial work – deepen your questioning – where the only competition lies within your own struggle to find and make the work you want to make. Facilitated by experienced maker, mentor and ‘Relational Dynamics 1st’  coach Caroline Salem other artists will support your process through listening, witnessing, and communcating their experience and asking questions.

OCT 10th – DEC 18th 2016



Personal studio time, dialogue with fellow makers, one to one support, ending with work-in-progress studio performance.

5-7 artists or companies

30 hours of studio time, individually scheduled 10 x 3hour sessions (Studio available Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm)

5 x group feedback meetings for sharing and dialogue facilitated by Caroline Salem

2 x 1 hour one to one creative mentoring sessions with Caroline Salem

Culminating in studio performances with other companies/ makers on the programme – the audience is by your invite only

Group meetings(3-4 hrs): date and time tbc in weeks beginning Oct 17th , Oct 31st , Nov 14th, Nov 28th , Dec 5th

Final work-in-progress studio performances Friday Dec  16th & Saturday 17th


including a 2 x 1 hour one to one sessions with Caroline Salem

Additional one to one £50 an hour.

Additional space bookings £11.50 an hour.

Payments can be made weekly or in whatever way helps affordability.


Applications are invited from choreographers / directors/writers/ composers/ designers who are making new performance work within or across any performance discipline ( dance theatre performance circus music theatres etc) in any performance making committed to pushing the boundaries of their own process and practice within a mutually supportive context. Artists at different stages of their careers, and with a diversity of obsessions, forms and processes, are all welcome.

Please send the following ASAP: 

your cv

a statement about your creative aims for this 10 week research period, explaining why you consider this to be the right context for you to develop your work, reflecting upon the role of the feedback and dialogue meetings, the option of mentoring and the final studio presentations to invited audience.

Invitations to visit the space and/or talk more with Caroline Salem will be made once your application has been received to get in touch adap.

DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT Caroline for a chat about the programme 07871190500 or by e-mail: 40cmews@gmail.com

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